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Elafnettv ATN USA


Owned by Cloud7 Network Limited. Based in Europort, Gibraltar. We are the official distributor of ATN in USA market; our company has more than 60 resellers covered all over the United States.


The company was founded due to the lack of international TV coverage in this region.


When you buy our product you will start enjoying one of our new ATN 3000,2000,1000 set top box. You can download all android applications and turn your TV to a smart TV.


Our surprise is you can use Skype after connecting your webcam and start a live video chat with your family and friends, also you can download Viber, yahoo messenger, msn, games, Facebook, what’s app, fun camera, emails, watching you tube and more.


With the new receiving technology right now we supply the largest number of channels in the USA ATN3000 has more than 3000 channels, ATN2000 has 2000 channels, ATN1000 has 1000 channels live direct from Arab sat, Nile sat and Hot bird to your TV.


We receive this wide range of channels and make it available for our users via the Internet, you can use our set top box, laptop, desk top, iPod, iPad , or an android device to watch our channels.


Channels are streaming in HD quality, no dish needed, all what you need is a high-speed Internet connection more 4 Mbps, that means you can watch our program anytime and anywhere.


Our boxes have Wi-Fi, easy and fast connect to your modem therefore the installation process is easy, cheap and fast, no need to wait for appointment for installation.


We love our customers and we try to make them connected from migrant land to their homeland.


Cloud7 Network Limited 

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