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How It Works

How It Works
IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It delivers the television facility to the requested residence by mean of broadband connection. When you are watching any video on your system at that moment you are using IPTV. So basically what IPTV is, it provides you with all the facilities of television on your computer with the help of IPTV.

IPTV is a "new thing" in Television technology today. IPTV is implemented and converge with mobile TV. The way you look tradition TV is now changed because IPTV can receive and display encoded video stream of IP packets as well can combine with other applications. It enables TV–ON-DEMAND as well as Interactivity services. It enriches the user experience with multiple new technologies.

How IPTV Works?

You must have a SMART box with your broadband connection, now it is like a virtual box that can be placed inside the home router, your TV set, computer and mobile phone. Just like in a restaurant a guest can order from the MENU or can take some pre bundled packages they want. The Operator receives content from broadcaster or content aggregator and producers, and converts it into the appropriate format to be distributed for on the demand or live consumption. Thus enable interactivity and value added services like online shopping. The operator utilizes the same network resources to deliver all the services to the user.

IPTV will be on the top of IMS enables multi-access and services blending. IMS provide the control frame work for IPTV. This enables the user for any screen of choice not only entertainment but also for communication and control of typical IPTV services for example reminder. IPTV also uses other technologies such as bandwidth management, media conversion and caching to provide and deliver the services with quality.

IPTV basic components:
Internet Protocol (IP): It identifies the format of packets and the addressing scheme. The internet protocol creates an effective connection between a destination and a source. IP gives you the chance to address a package of information and dive it into the system, as there is no direct link.
Television (TV): It identifies the medium of communication that operates all the way through the broadcast of pictures and sounds.

The impact of IPTV
Content: IPTV technology assures us to make it easier for the user and give more content on it.
Convergence: The use of an IP network will let only single applications to be run in excess of multiple end user devices.
Interactivity: The joint nature of the IP network will enable an extraordinary communication among subscribers, content providers and service providers.

Features of IPTV technology
  • Authentification 
  • Quality of services 
  • Security
  • Lower cost
  • Wider Market
  • More Resources and Control on Terminal
  • More Versatility 
IPTV can be viewed with stop, pause reverse and play functionality. In fact more then one shows can be watched at the same time according to your convince. This experience is not just limited to the living room; users can take it with them.
Video on Demand

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