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How do I restore the firmware on my set top box?

If you are experiencing problems with your ATN-500, ATN-1000, ATN-2000 or ATN-3000 set top box, you can try to restore the firmware on the box.

Important: If you already have a active working subscription when you started the firmware restore, you will need to call ElafNetTV (+1 (877) 877 4437) to enable the subscription again on the box.

Please follow these instructions to restore the firmware on the box:

  1. Download the appropriate firmware file for your box:
  2. Copy the firmware file to a USB. Place the file in the root directory
  3. Plug the USB into the set top box.
  4. Press and hold the RESTORE-button (called UPGRADE-button on the ATN-3000 and unnamed on the ATN-500) on the set top box box. On the ATN-1000 and ATN-2000 the button is located on the side of the set top box. On the ATN-500 and ATN-3000 it is located on the back.
  5. Power on the set top box while holding the RESTORE-/UPGRADE-button down. The set top box will show 0000 on the LED-display.
  6. When you see 0000 on the LED-display, the the restore process was stated. You can now release the RESTORE-/UPGRADE-button.
  7. You will see the Android recovery screen with the green robot. Wait for it to finish.



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